2022 International Conference on Image, Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition(ISPP2022)
Call for paper
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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Image, Signal ProcessingPattern Recognition

Design and implementation of signal processing system

Digital signal processing

Image and multidimensional signal processing

Image / video processing and coding

Modulation and channel coding

Image processing and pattern recognition

3D and stereo imaging

Image compression, coding and encryption

Radar image processing

Image scanning, display and printing

Sonar signal processing

Compositing, rendering, and visualization

Face recognition

Surface modeling

Signal reconstruction

Super resolution imaging

Image formation

Computer graphics / Animation

Color, multispectral and hyperspectral imaging

Repair and enhancement

Pattern recognition and machine learning

Filtering and multi-resolution processing

Sensor array and multichannel processing

Medical imaging

Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Pattern Recognition

Biometrics (including face recognition)

Computer Vision

Data Mining and Big Data

Document Processing and Recognition

Advanced Learning Methods

Linear Models and Dimensionality Reduction

Machine Learning Methods

Model Representation and Selection

Fuzzy and Hybrid Techniques in PR

Image Processing and Analysis

Mathematical Theory of Pattern Recognition

Natural Language Processing and Recognition

Object Detection, Tracking and Recognition

Pattern Recognition Principles


Remote Sensing

Shape and Texture Analysis

Statistical Pattern Recognition

Syntactical and Structural Pattern Recognition

Voice and Speech Recognition
Other related topics